Ecologically-sensitive mowing management

One of De Vries Cornjum’s specialities is ecologically-sensitive mowing management. We have the equipment to handle nature areas, blue grasslands and rough pastures with standing water.

De Vries Cornjum uses a two-phase mowing system. In the first phase, a pre-mower cuts an initial swathe through the crop. In the second phase, the crop is collected, cut and transported to a tipping site. De Vries Cornjum currently has three pre-mowers and three machines with collector trucks.

In order to transport the crop over longer distances, De Vries Cornjum has developed a trailer. This enables the crop to be tipped from the collector truck into the trailer. The tractor then takes the crop to the tipping site.

The three pre-mowers are fitted with double-action Busatis cutter bars, which follow the contours of the ground so that the uniqueness of your landscape is preserved. If the sides of the ditches are also to be mowed, we offset the mowers by half a metre to the side of the machine. Besides the cutter bar, the mowers can also be fitted with disc mowers. These mowers can be interchanged on location, allowing us to decide what the right approach is for each area. The advantage of the mowing bar is that it can also be used to mow if the site is waterlogged. The disc mower is useful because it enables us to mow sites which are interspersed with woodpiles.

Because the caterpillar tracks are rounded from front to back and from left to right, they do not cause any damage to the landscape when tilting the blade. Our machines exert a ground pressure of as little as 0.045 kg/cm². The construction of the track plates is such that the axle support is in the centre. Thanks to this design, the caterpillar tracks also follow the terrain. Moreover, all our machines are provided with open track plates.

Our biggest challenge is to leave behind the areas we work in the most perfect condition possible.