Wood chipping

In 2011, we started using our new machines for chipping wood. There are a wood chipper, a machine with a crane and high tipper, and a stump grubber.

Wood chipper

The wood chipper can chip wood with a maximum diameter of 50 cm. The intake of this chipper is 92 cm wide and 50 cm high, which allows whole trees to be chipped including branches. The automatic chain-driven feed means that the crane can continue to operate while the chipper is doing its work. As a result, this chipper has an enormous capacity of up to 500 m³ per day. Thanks to a built-in sieve, the chips are always of the right quality. Chips which are too large are automatically returned to the drum. This machine is radio controlled and its speed is continuously variable from 0 to 17 km per hour.

Crane and high tipper

The crane is equipped with different types of head, namely a cutter head, a saw head and a sorting gripper. The high tipper can transport up to 16 m³ of chips and then dump them into containers. It has a maximum tipping height of 2.7 metres.

In addition, these three machines are all independently powered and mounted on twin tracks of 1.37 metres wide each. As a result, they exert a very low ground pressure of 0.045 kg/cm².

Stump grubber

In order to remove stumps, De Vries Cornjum has developed a very light machine equipped with a stump grinder, which can grind stumps up to a metre deep.