Reed mowing

Reed is essential to our environment. Animals use it to shelter and breed. Moreover, reed is part of an ecosystem. Naturally, you want to maintain your reed in a proper and safe manner; this can be achieved by reed mowing.

De Vries Cornjum knows the ins and outs of reed mowing like no other company. Our years of experience mean that reed mowing is in safe hands with us. We barely disrupt the natural processes during reed mowing, if at all. The quality of the material largely dependents on how the reed is mown. It is therefore essential that this job is done properly and with due care.

De Vries Cornjum’s work involves both mowing our own reed plots and mowing for third parties. We currently have three reed mowers, each equipped with 3.10-metre wide mowing heads. Since the width of the machines is 2.97 m, this means they mow clear on both sides. As soon as a row has been mown, the mowing head can be shifted 40 cm to the right with the offset function so that the ditch edges can also be properly mown. The mowing heads are constructed in such a way that reed from 0.5 m up to 2.8 m length can be mown properly and cleanly. Moreover, the shorter reed is included in the bunch, so creating fine pointed bunches.

These bunches are then mechanically bound and made ready for transportation. De Vries Cornjum takes care of the entire process.