Seiga Pelican

Reed harvesting machine type Seiga Pelican. The machine is in very good running condition. It is run by a 1200 cc VW boxer engine. The machine has a width of 3 meters and has 3 new tires mounted (each 120 cm wide and high).

Reed harvesting header

This header has been used for only 3 months. For cleaning the reed, the header is provided with four brushes. The conveyors are hydraulically adjustable so that both the long and the short reed can be cleaned properly. The head is provided with a double knife cutting system with a working width of 2.85 m. The header has a very low weight of only 890 kg which makes it possible to build up on many machines. Furthermore, the header is provided with a BCS binding system. The capacity is between 3000 and 4000 bundles a day.

Wetland mower

In good condition and fully hydraulic wetland mower. The machine is equipped with a Busatis double knife header. The machine places the crop in a windrow. Because the machine is built very light and has tracks of 1.10 meters wide each, it has a very low ground pressure of 0.045 kg / cm ². Furthermore, the machine has a 4 cylinder diesel engine, an additional heavy duty pump and two separate hydraulic systems.


The perfect reed bale clamp

Ideally suited for picking up both rolls from the field (made up of up to 250 bound bundles) and ready-made rolls (100 x 55 cm in size). This clamp can also pick up two ready-made rolls at a time. The clamp is fitted with eight wrought metal teeth and has a low design which means it takes up little space. The construction is such that the cylinder pushes rather than pulls the mouth shut, resulting in optimum compressive force. The cylinder is also equipped with hose break protection. This model has been perfected over the past two years.

Reed binding machine


Fully automatic binding machine which can be used to bind some 3500 bundles per day (based on an eight-hour working day). Because the machine is built on a trailer and is powered by a diesel generator, it can be deployed at any location. This binding machine is also equipped with a cleaning module, which means that the excess waste is brushed from the reed. Under the ‘photo/video’ button, you will find a video clip of this binding machine.