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2022 DVC Wetlands Excavator

Besides the purchase of 3 Liebherr R914 compact excavators, we have also been busy in the background with the development and construction of a suitable crawler undercarriage for the sensitive and vulnerable soils and wetlands. Not available at Liebherr so we designed and constructed it ourselves.  We proudly present the new 14 tonne DVC Wetland excavapor equipped with the latest technology. A powerhouse in a compact design.

The key points:

  • 122hp Stage V diesel engine
  • 250 litre hydraulic system on the boom
  • Central lubrication system
  • Ground pressure of approx. 125 gr/cm2
  • More stable due to enlarged undercarriage
  • Bevelled edges to prevent cutting into the terrain
  • Plastic plates as weight saving and ground following through elasticity
  • Plastic completely recyclable
  • 1400mm wide plates
  • 4.7 metres track length
  • Transport width within 3.5 metres
  • Zinc-plated chassis
  • Wear parts galvanised


With the above specifications, we have been able to put an excavator on the market that can be used for various activities. Because of the many functions on the boom, it can also be equipped with e.g. tiltrotators and various tools.

An additional advantage of the excavators ample hydraulic capacity is that we can, for example, cut stumps or fell trees without the intervention of a powerpack. This, of course, brings with it a considerable weight saving and therefore lower ground pressure.

We are also working on developing a removable power pack for extreme conditions such as a flail mowing.


Inquire about the possibilities of hiring or buying the excavators as a whole via the known channels:

Tel: (+31)(0)58-2575217

Mob: (+31)(0)6-54241017


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