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The renewed SB Track mower

After a period of development and redesign, we proudly present the renewed SB track mower. A product that will be familiar to the regular customer, but with a new and more modern core, improved performance and more comfort for the operator. 

The engine power has been upgraded and the new engine meets the current emission standards. By making some adjustments in the driveline, we can now mow at a lower rpm which benefits wear, emissions and ergonomics for the operator. 

The machine is again equipped with collision protection, ground contour following and lift relief. 

For the operator, there is improved visibility with more lighting, more wipers, a fully electrically adjustable seat, an adjustable steering wheel, a better audio system and all controls within easy reach and readable on the screen. 

The machine is also equipped with a canbus control system with various pressure protections and tank level monitoring on all hydraulic systems. This enables us to control, adjust and monitor the machine even better in order to minimise failures. 

Even more reliable, even more capacity and yet more relaxed at the end of the day. 

All in all, we are ready for you in the future.

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